Friday, February 20, 2009

Sedona Gigapan

This is a example of something new I am playing with called a Gigapan. I shot this in Sedona, Ariz. The image is shot using a camera mounted to a robotic head. This image is made up of 36 individual photos. The photos were stitched together using Gigapan stitching software. All together it's 213 megapixels. What I like about the Gigapans, is that because of the detail you can really zoom in close and explore a picture. See if you can find the chapel build on the mountain. 

You can go to  to explore more examples. The Gigapan site has a really cool application where you can take snapshots within the Gigapans and share them with other users. There is a whole art to finding the picture within the picture. 

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