Friday, October 23, 2009

New 360-degree Interactive Panoramic Photos

What I love about 360-degree VR photography is that it lets you put people in places they might not otherwise experience. This week I did a panoramic photo of firefighters practicing taking a whole side of a car off with the Jaws of Life. They gave me a set of turnouts and a helmet to keep the shattered glass on the seat from cutting me. I wanted to shoot it from inside of the car because of the interesting point of view it provided. This was a really hard pano to stitch because I had to shoot it using a monopod rather than I tripod. Keeping the camera in one place was hard wit them pulling and moving the car. Also, this was shot while they were doing their drill. They are not posing.

Click here to see the interactive version.

This is the second time I have made a pano at night at a fair. This time I wanted the pano to start out looking up at lights. This pano is made up of seven frames. Each exposure was around six seconds. The long exposures pick up the movements of the rides and capture the mood of the fair at night.

Pat Shannahan


  1. Love the firefighter shot. Also produces an interesting effect when the stitched 360 is displayed as a panorama as you have. The firefighters one has some great shapes from the doors and tailgate opening. Also, an excellent result considering it was on a monopod!

  2. Nice panorama photos!
    Thanks for sharing!!

    panorama stitching